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Merdeka.com.my is an online portal that provides information about the independence of Malaysia. The portal is a one stop venue where you can find out all about the elements and issues pertaining to the independence of the country. Malaysia, being a multi-racial and multi-cultural country has come a long way since its independence. As much as the achievement of impendence is a unique one in that it was a peaceful request, the people of Malaysia are also unique as we have achieved what some countries are only dreaming of, peaceful unity among various and diverse race and groups.


Merdeka, which means independence in Bahasa Malaysia is a popular word in the country. Free from its colonies since August 31 1957, the independence sentiments are well instilled in Malaysians after a long struggle from her colonies over history. Merdeka.com.my seeks to provide the platform where you will be able to appreciate the efforts and the developments of our forefathers in achieving independence not only in administration but in spirit, unity and soul. Merdeka.com.my provides you with all the information about what it took for our leaders to break away from the colonies and how it all began.


Malaysia was known as Federation of Malaya before 1963 after achieving independence from the British in 1957. The name, despite being used sparsely in around the South East Asia which was used to represent the Malay Archipelago and was even a proposed named for the Philippines. It was in 1963 when the Federation of Malaya changed its name to Malaysia when a 14 state federation was formed comprising of the Peninsular Malaysia, North Borneao, Sarawak and Singapore.

You can date the independence of Malaysia to the earliest colonies of the country. The Malacca sultanate fell into the hands of the Portuguese in 1511 under the stewardships of Alfonso d’Alberqueque while in 1641, the Dutch took over. After that it was the British who ruled the country around the 18th Century. The Japanese had a brief term in the country when the wrestled it from the British in World War II of which the British regained control after that with the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

When the British regained power, many parties have been in favour to gain independence for Malaya as it was known then. The Communists party, who was in favour of a communist nation were fighting tooth and nail but was not successful. It was only until the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, who at that time had some Chinese and Indian allies won the elections that the British was convinced that Malaya would have a team of capable leaders. Tunku Abdul Rahman then led the team to meet the Queen in London and returned with the birth certificate of a new nation, the declaration of independence of Federation of Malaya. So at 9.00am on the 31st of August 1957, the historical event took place at Stadium Merdeka when the Tunku shouted the word ‘Merdeka’ with his right arm raised 7 times to tell the world that Malaysia has arrived.

In 1961, the Tunku proposed to change the name to Malaysia which included the East Malaysian sates, Brunei and Singapore all of whom agreed initially but Brunei decided against it due to some protest while Singapore pulled out in 1965.

Up until today, the Merdeka celebrations are celebrated with much fanfare usually held at Dataran Merdeka, where the yearly possession takes place. Much of the events are still being repeated where the nation comes together to commemorate the efforts of the former leaders.

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